Rules of ZHEZZ, 4 Player, English   
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The players builds i the gray area by each cubicsturn, with 0-10 cubics, white and black squares up into a 3D landscape. This gives the game a new dimension. 3D Chess!


Pawns is moving as a normal pawn i Chess, but this piece can also go up to the middelline of the board, in just one move, or for that matter, also a square in between. Eventhough the pawn has been moved before. If the pawn reaches the middelline it will only move like a normal Chess pawn.

If a Pawn reaches a backline of one of the opponents, then it will transform to a piece of wishes.


Related to normal Chess, a new Piece is invented. It moves a little longer than a normal horse. (3x2 eller 2x3).


Pieces that "jumps" can move into the mountains of 3D Cubics, and change level. Other pieces has to be in the ground level the rest of the game, and se Cubics as unreachable obstructables.


The Queen also moves as a normal Horse, but temporarily looses the "jumping talent", when it is threatened.