Lé Zhe

To understand that in Zhezz we only have one winner, I have invented a game called "Le Zhe". There is only one winner and 3 "just" losers.

4 players put 10 peasants on the backlines. The first to get down back to one of the others backlines with just one pawn, wins. The game is over.
























Assignment for 4 players



White starts.

The peasants go as a king, a field in any direction, both forwards and backwards, right and diagonally. However, this does not go back to baglinjen permanent, but may well jump over other pieces back down to baglinjen and use the pawns as temporary staging points during the jump turn. You can however adjust well formation on baglinjen. In the sense that a pawn on baglinjen, well have to relocate to another spot on baglinjen.

Yes! It may seem a little strange, but you may well think that this is "Advanced china-chess". Jumping over his own and others 'pieces, to go first to one of the opponents' fields on the backlines. We can both jump, back, forward, diagonally and straight. Also quite unlike china-chess, jumping is possible to obtain the pieces, just in a "long jump".

The same distance over ahead to the "piece, exatly the same distance, it has to jump over the piece, it jumps over.