4 player World Champion 2009:  Heiko Roehling

White shirt and white Pieces










1 Round 1 heat



2 Round 



2 Round 






































































































































































































































































































First 4 Player World  Champion

What a winner!  3 Straight wins


Look at that smile. To play a world war like Zhezz is not for "pussys". But how in hell can anyone be that good!


He will be most difficult to challange in the future.


This German fellow is the true ruler of the world.  


He was born to own this title!

To make 3 straight wins as Wonder Heiko truely did is 1 out of 100. Heiko 1%.




1 round:


Nils Krause - Kenneth Jørgensen:             0-1
Michael Tarnow - Heiko Röhling:               0-1
Finn Lukas Winkler - Merten Johannßen:  0-1
Ronny T Semper - Steen Hagstrøm:         1-0

2 round
Ronny T. Semper - Kenneth Jørgensen:   0-1
Heiko Röhling - Merten Johannßen:           1-0
Steen Hagstrøm - Nils Krause:                  1-0
Michael Tarnow - Finn Lukas Winkler:       0-1

3 round
Heiko Röhling - Kenneth Jørgensen:         0-1
Ronny T Semper - Merten Johannßen:     0-1
Finn Lukas Winkler - Steen Hagstrøm:     1-0

4 round
Finn Lukas Winkler - Merten Johannßen: 1-0
5 round
Kenneth Jørgensen - Finn L Winkler:       1-0


1 Round 1 heat

Heiko Roehling(white), Kenneth Jørgensen(blue), Steen Haagstrøm(black) and Merten Johannßen(red).


Kenneth, the inventor, is not "the dreamboy" in 4 player Zhezz. He love it, but aint the Champion-type. Bad luck.


Steen is probably the strongest Dane and has profen to be a very good attacker. But her in Germany he "was cold" like a "duck". After a 500 km  drive and no practise in ages, he was absolutly not him self. He tried to attack, but this is a bad mistake, if you aint clear like shit. To meet the prepeered German Ironsteel is quite dangerous and Steen was not in gear. The Danish flying eagle, was out of order.


Merten Johannßen is the most tallented fellow. Hís way to control the game is extraordinary, but he has allways the attacking attitude. But he need more than a talent to win in 4 player Zhezz.


The "Heiko way", is obviosly "the right way". He don´t attack from start. He makes it very defensive in the beginning, but as soon as he has created his defence, he is allways on the run to attack the right one.

Yes! Heiko wins the first round.




Winner of 1 heat 2 match 


The Great Zhezz talent, Merten, couldn´t get his play in gear.


Nils Kraus is the true