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First heat in 4 Player WM Zhezz, is clearly the most qualified and competent players! This is the fastest train on the track, and without any doubt the 4 fastest in Zhezz Correspondance.

All of the players is also on the list:  


Sven suddently suggested to play Insanius!

Surprice!... No limits in hard rain!

This is not even the fastest Train on the track, it is also a team with strong believe to learn new and develope new thoughts.

Steen said: "I´m On!

Uffe said: "Off course I´m ready"!

So now! We only need to tell the rules.

Look at the first picture: There are 6 cubics and 4 Zhezzpieces in play.........But!

But INSANIUS is a HARTBREAKER for any good Chessplayer! This game is so dangerouss as it can get! 

But if you can take a defeat, it is rather fun!


This kind of the game follows the same procedure as the Horizontal(The players builds the landscape before the game with cubics).

Kenneth says: "we will play without secret move"! Insanius was originally born with "a secret move". NO secret move.

But instead of moving a Zhezz piece during your turn, it is also possible to move a block insted, "one space diagonally" (only within the "red areas" 10x10 Squares).

The blocks stay in the same plane all game through. On the ground level or the same plane, i.e. only single blocks can move, two blocks stacked together cannot move, only the upper block can move.

When moving blocks in the same plane, you can take or capture playing pieces. It is not possible to move a block, if a playing piece is placed on top of the block:.

I allways loose my Queen? Why?

An example: If I have the white pieces and put my Queen as it stands on the picture, Purple, black and red, can "alles zuzammen" move the block 3 times down and kill my Queen, before it is my turn again!.... Aarrrrhhh! And I know that I will do it again..............Be carefull!!

Correspondance 2010 WM ZHEZZ for 4 Players

First heat: "Insanius"

White: Uffe Lorentzen, Blue: Sven Wulf, Black:Steen Haagstrøm, Red:Kenneth Jørgensen  

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Zhezz © 2010

This kind: "Insanius" is a "Bonecrusher" of games. It follows the same procedure as the Horizontal, where the players agree about the amount of blocks. The Block move cross/diagonally. Blocks stay in the same plane as it was born all game through. A Block in the upper plan in the picture below, move cross and kills the "Spy/springer/knight". In the ground plane, a Block kills the: "Agent/Bishop/Laüfer/løber".